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88mph bands

COLLIDER  (DK)     -    blissfully euphoric nugaze

Avant-garde nugaze band Collider is the sound of euphorically dreamy-noisey guitars with an aggressively explosive undertone combined with hypnotic boy/girl vocal harmonies! A dizzying feeling of spiralling into a kaleidoscopic maelstrom of whirling whitenoise, demanding a total surrender and inevitably leaving the you blissfully gasping for air!

It's hard to ignore the obvious influences of 90's shoegaze, slacker and twee bands, however with Collider it melts into an ever-changing and extremely powerful playfulness, resulting in a continuously unpredictable and highly distinctive fusion of genres and expression!
Despite Collider's extreme musical dynamics and constant building up - and almost immediate deconstruction of highly complex soundscapes - as a whole the music appears contradictorily coherent; Collider's sound is like a kind of 'natural chaos' - not very unlike the 'chaos' of fireworks or a whirling river - driven exclusively by its own inherent and inexplicable natural forces as well as an absolutely urgent, inner necessity!


Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the band is put together by Troels Damgaard-Christensen, Marie Nyhus Janssen, Johan Polder and Mikkel Trøjborg Fink.

Collider's list of previous gigs reads almost as atypical as their sound; It includes fx a mini tour to California and the musical project Noooooo Daylight together with Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, as well as performing at the renowned Danish SPOT festival, at Badesøen Festival and NGBG gatufest in Malmö, Sweden, at Eurosonic in Holland, Sørveiv festival in Norway plus of course not least their 2019 concert at Roskilde Festival!

Collider's highly acclaimed 12" debut album -><- was released in February 2019 via Copenhagen label Escho and the band is currently putting the last touches on their next release, planned to be out in the spring 2021! 


"Shoegaze and avant-garde spirit collided during Collider’s set. Pedalboards were ablaze as they’d rip through their layers of noise with healthy doses of psych – even throwing in some saxophone for good measure. This all may sound heady written out, but live it was much looser and just plain fun – the band beaming as they’d change aesthetics mid-track and constantly diverting expectations."
— KEXP (SPOT festival review)

"There’s an ecstatic cacophony present in the young Danish band’s restless rock music. Influences, ideas and spontaneous skips and jumps pull at the seams of all songs – but Collider keep everything together and with an energy level peaking. Collider will dizzy up their audience.."
— Roskilde Festival

"Woozy, reverb-laden guitars fill the mix while Marie Nyhus Janssen and Troels Damgaard-Christensen’s swooning harmonies have an air of Bilinda Butcher and Kevin Shields about them. However, proceedings take an unexpected discourse when Janssen whips out the saxophone and flute at regular intervals to create post-punk, jazz-tinged odysseys. Suitably aided and abetted by the taut rhythm section of Mikkel Trojborg Fink and Johan Polder, their sense of unpredictability is what makes them such a breath of fresh air and ultimately, captivating outfit."
Dom Gourlay, Drowned in Sound

VIDEO: Collider "Inept" 

BLOOD CHILD  (DK)     -    pitch-dark powerpunk and poetic ecstasy 

Danish band Blood Child's sound consists of equal parts raw beauty and brutal intensity, and will leave you blissfully heart torn and lost for breath!
Debut EP "Shower Me" , released on NESM in September 2019, addresses the issues of living within a society which constantly expects and demands you to 'fit in' and conform to a very narrow definition of 'success'. A reality with no room for making all the necessary identity-defining and human mistakes, and with persistent expectations about carrying yourself in a certain way.


"For us, however, music and lyrics has always been more about the pure sound of the words, and not so much about their exact meaning. It's about the instantaneous, the intuitive and the imperfections of things that occur instantaneously in the moment that is important to us. Words before language. Existence before purpose." 

6-piece Blood Child take their inspiration from a combination of the late 70s New York / London punk scene and the alternative rock scene that was the 90s. Yet at the same time the band is constantly adding a highly captivating and contemporary hard-to-pinpoint personal component, taking their gloomy ecstatic powerpunk guitar rock to entirely new heights!   

Blood Child is put together by brothers Emil Bertelsen, Mads Bertelsen & Mathias Bertelsen 
plus Lasse Krüger , Marikka Højen Jørgensen and Hjalte Ross!
Their 12" debut EP "Shower Me" was released on Copenhagen label NESM in September 2019.

Over the past few years Blood Child have played at numerous venues and festivals,
 fx. the highly acclaimed SPOT festival, UHØRT festival, Sorte Firkant festival and Way Up North festival, all of them on Danish ground, plus at Sørveiv Festival in Norway, Plan B / NGBG festival in Sweden and at Reeperbahn Festival in Germany!

Blood Child were booked to play Roskilde Festival 2020, however a certain Covid-19 pandemic came in the way of those plans... Instead, 2020 was used creating and recording new material, planned to be released sometime late 2021 or early 2022..



"Denmark’s Blood Child were another ace with an intense – held down by hard, inventive drumming – melange with elements of Daydream Nation Sonic Youth and the psychedelic side of Wire. Again, the raw ingredients were clear but the approach was a crisp as a just-picked apple."
— The Arts Desk (Reeperbahn Festival concert review)

"Undeniably influenced by the UK post-punk scene through to the halcyon shoegaze years, as well as its more recent equivalent back home, Blood Child sound like the kind of people who’d tear down your house for the sake of it, then dispose of each remnant single-handedly [...] Blood Child’s Shower Me EP showcases various angles of its creators’ psyche, but above all, highlights the sound of young Denmark as a blossoming hive of exemplary artistic craft right now. Long may that continue!"
— Dom Gourlay, FMS magazine


VIDEO: Blood Child "Psycho"  old version  Tapetown live session

WE ARE WOOD  (SE)     -     Woodstock-vibes  and sunshine psychedelia

We Are Wood provide the nostalgic euphorical sound of the colourful and mind-altering festivals and spiritual journeys of the late 60s that you were never around to experience first hand first time around. 

              However, with We Are Wood, the circles of time are perfectly looped, and you get to ride a kaleidoscopic sound wave and jump an entirely new tour bus of trippy sounds, which these days are more relevant and multi-layered than ever!
Leaving you not completely sure where it will take you, but drop-dead-certain that you wanna go, We Are Wood take you off-road and down the spiraling paths of psychedelia, leading towards an entirely new musical era!


We Are Wood was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, and while not even really sure themselves exactly when the band first occurred, their ever-changing lineup and unconditional love for music creates its very own version of blending old and new sounds, while at the same time gazing into the future! 

The band was put together by people from some of Gothenburg's finest acts; Members of bands such as Den Stora VilanHillsIKONSLamagaiaSonSon, GOATThe Cult Of Boydah plus many more have been, and still are, part of the We Are Wood collective! 
The band's captivating live performances will pick you up and send you off on a jangly, droney and sunny journey - and take you to an entirely new state of psychedelic bliss, somewhere beyond time!

“We Are Wood is the music collective that takes you on a foggy journey to the beautiful end of the 60's. With convincing melodies and harmonies, We Are Wood shows with earlier EP and upcoming album that they make a big effort to revive the genre" 
- HYMN, Swedish online magazine for music and culture

ADAMA (SE)    -   dark psych wilderness and kaleidoscopic northern lights!

Northern Swedish space-psych band ADAMA places itself somehow beyond time and space, their sound having a high level of natural-born-psych feeling to it!  
The band utilize their instruments in an swirling, mind bending journey through the deep-dark-forest wilderness, concurrently capturing the burning essense of gloomy psychedelic darkness and the intense kaleidoscopic colours of the northern lights! 
Based in Östersund, ADAMA was formed in the autumn 2014 by Idan Cheaproot, Emil Wernersson and Patrik Lantz, and the band recorded their first two-song demo as a trio. Later Michael Lantz and Volter Hagman (The Orange Revival, Lejonsläktet) joined the band, allowing a highly layered 5-piece-soundscape to find its versatile complete form, embracing the very roots of their genre and pointing towards a new psychedelic era! 

ADAMA released their debut 12" album 'RUHIN' (Fonomonik Records) in May 2016, only about 6 weeks before performing at Copenhagen Psych Fest in Christiania.


“Östersund based band ADAMA is about to release debut album Ruhin  
[May 2016] and the glorious Levitate is the first song that introduces us in its fuzzy world! Deeply psychedelic rock vibes that balance somewhere between The Black Angels and Brian Jonestown Massacre, will make you fall in love with them instantly! A one of the kind ‘70s inspired tornado that stirs up the daily routine and transforms it into a smokey, dirty and sweaty adventure in the undergrounds! Superb…”
- Sound Injections

pic : Collider / 88mph

SISTA BOSSEN (SE)     -    Swedish punk in overalls, five meters above the stage!
(booking in Denmark)

Explosive birthday-party-grunge-punk Sista Bossen has become synonymous with extremely high-energy live performances and a band hardly touching the ground when playing live!

Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, Sista Bossen was formed by five friends back in 2014, and has so far released two albums and an EP on Swedish label Kollektivet Records + Danish label Crunchy Frog.

Sista Bossen has previously played shows at fx Danish Roskilde Festival, Loppen, Radar, Northern Winter Beat and SPOT festival, Norwegian Fres Festival, as well as Swedish Plan B,  Malmöfestivalen and Debaser Strand .

The band is currently working on new material for their next release!


In the words of the band themselves:
Sista Bossen is a bit like your younger sibling trying to gain your attention. It's loud, desperate and weird, but somewhere deep down where your little dark heart is supposed to be found, there's a tiny fragment of love clinging on. What started off as skumpunk developed into knastrock which again grew into birthday party grunge. It's simply fast, like a bike ride steeply downhill while still pedalling like crazy. If it's not fast (it mostly is) it feels like lying naked on a Tempur mattress.

All of this is topped off with straight-forward, unpolished lyrics either shouted out as if to quiet down a stormy Öresund sea, or whispered out softly as by a skylark sitting on your shoulder. However, why listen to a band text filled with broken metaphors when you can experience it for yourself!? Most people have liked it so far, except for some really grumpy hard rocker one time in Gothenburg. But he was really grumpy.


“Monday night, the characteristic teepee that makes up the Rising stage was transformed into a climbing frame by Hampus Sundén. The lead singer of  Sista Bossen was here, there and everywhere [...] and actually performed most of the concert hanging  high above in the stage construction.”
— Undertoner ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

"The band's attitude is contagious and inspiring. However, any venue should take certain precautions. Nail down what may be knocked over, otherwise there's great risk of bone fractures etc. Make sure there are no loose objects on or around the stage - lead singer and frontman Hampus Sundén will make use of every square centimeter!" 

"Swedish punk in overalls - five meters above the stage"
— GAFFA [Roskilde Festival 2018] ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯



VIDEO:  Sista Bossen - Titta inte på mig (när jag dansar)
VIDEO:   Sista Bossen - Siger Upp, LIVE at Plan B