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Super excited to have BLOOD CHILD  playing at REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL
in Hamburg, Germany this year
 - it all goes down September 18-21!  
Thank you to Way Up North for bringing the band with you!

Blood Child will of course be bringing their brand new 12" EP 'Shower Me' -released on Danish label NESM  September 13! 

Sound taster / order the EP  --->

Very happy and proud to see COLLIDER nominated in no less than two categories in the Danish music critics' award show STEPPEULVEN!

Marie Nyhus Janssen of the band is nominated for 'musician of the year' and Collider is nominated for 'live act of the year' !

We couldn't possibly agree more  - and hold our fingers crossed for the
award show at Bremen Teater in Copenhagen in January 2020!



It's been a while since we heard from Northern Swedish psychedelic ADAMA but NOW, in the middle of winter and with Ôstersund temperatures down to minus 33 degrees, the band has woken from hibernation to share their new single!

Give it a listen on Youtube ----------> 


-and read more (in Swedish;)) on SAVANT


Roskilde Festival 2020 is CANCELLED due to the Corona pandemic

Super happy and proud to finally be able to announce:

BLOOD CHILD will be playing at this summer's ROSKILDE FESTIVAL!

With their debut EP 'Shower Me' released on Copenhagen label NESM in February 2019, and aving previously played at fx. SPOT Festival, UHØRT,
Way Up North, ALIVEYHC Festival, Sørveiv, NGBG Gatufest and Reeperbahn Festival, the time has now come for Roskilde Festival!

Catch Blood Child (DK) June 30th at Roskilde Festival 2020, Rising Stage!



Really excited to announce the new  collaboration with explosive Swedish punk rock band SISTA BOSSEN, whose future Danish bookings will be handled by 88mph!

Sista Bossen's performances are like nothing else, earning them a reputation of extremely energetic and super fun concerts, and a band hardly touching the ground when playing live!

In the words of  Danish and Swedish music magazines Undertoner and HYMN:

“Monday night, the characteristic teepee that makes up the Rising stage
[Roskilde Festival] was transformed into a climbing frame by Hampus Sundén. The lead singer of Sista Bossen was here, there and everywhere [...] and actually performed most of the concert hanging high above in the stage construction.”

— Undertoner ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

"The band's attitude is contagious and inspiring. However, any venue should take certain precautions. Nail down what may be knocked over, otherwise there's great risk of bone fractures etc. Make sure there are no loose objects on or around the stage - lead singer and frontman Hampus Sundén will make use of every square centimeter!"

Sista Bossen have their 3rd album release coming up on Danish label Crunchy Frog - and is obviously a band not to be missed!




We are super proud and extremely excited to finally be able to announce that our beloved COLLIDER will be playing ROSKILDE FESTIVAL, Rising Stage this July! 

With their 12" debut album -><- released on Escho Records in February and already receiving lots of love from reviewers and fans all around, COLLIDER is definitely one to watch!

Catch them this summer at SPOT festival, Badesøen Festival and yes - at ROSKILDE FESTIVAL!  

Super excited to be adding great Swedish music collective WE ARE WOOD and their woodstock-vibe-trippy-psychedelia to the 88 mph roster! 
Good times ahead! 

We Are Wood was formed in Gothenburg, however, members are not sure entirely when it occurred. But with an ever-changing line-up and an unconditional love for music, the collective creates its own version, blends old with new, while also at the same time gazing into the future.
People from some of Gothenburg's finest acts, including 
Den Stora Vilan, IKONS, Hills, Lamagaia, SonSon, Cult Of Boyda and many more have been, and still are, part of the collective of We Are Wood.
With its appreciated live performances this band will send you on a jangly, droning, sunny, but concurrently slightly melancholic journey through music history, and take some pit stops at its brightest moments along the path!

“We Are Wood is the music collective that takes you on a foggy journey to the beautiful end of the 60's. With convincing melodies and harmonies, We Are Wood shows with earlier EP and upcoming album that they make a big effort to revive this genre "
- HYMN, Swedish online magazine for music and culture

2018-01-24 :


Couldn't possibly be happier to be able to finally properly announce that the absolutely mindblowing BLOOD CHILD have joined the 88 mph roster! 
Sky-high expectations and great times ahead; Get ready to lose both your breath and your heart to their super intense and pitch-dark poetic punk sound!

Power-punk-poetic Blood Child have arrived at the music scene wearing heavy-weight boxing gloves and ready to take you right over the edge, no regrets and no punches pulled! Their sound consists of equal parts raw beauty and brutal intensity, and will leave you blissfully heart torn and lost for breath; A high-power bruising experience, yet at the same time soaking you in black velvety sounds and soothing darkness.

Blood Child is one of the latest and most promising young bands to come out of the ever flourishing Thy Music Collective in Denmark's heartland, and take their inspiration from a combination of the late 70s New York/London punk scene and the alternative rock scene that was the 90s . Yet at the same time they are constantly adding a highly captivating and hard-to-pinpoint personal component, taking the gloomy ecstatic powerpunk outcome to entirely new heights!

During 2018 the band has made appearances at the highly acclaimed SPOT festival, at RECession festival in Aarhus and Sørveiv Festival in Oslo, as well as numerous venues around Denmark and  88mph's very first Blood Child booking, at Oceanen in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The band is currently putting the finishing touches to their debut EP, which is expected to drop sometime early 2019.



After our year-long love affair, 88 mph feels pretty ecstatic to finally make it official with COLLIDER and have them properly join the Family!  
Get ready for (more) nugaze-fusion live explosions – and an absolutely mindblowing debut release with Escho in early January 2019!


COLLIDER is the sound of euphoric dreamy-noisey guitars with an aggressively explosive undertone - and the dizzying feeling of spiralling into a kaleidoscopic maelstrom of whirling whitenoise, demanding a total surrender and inevitably leaving you blissfully gasping for air!

It's hard to ignore obvious influences of 90's shoegaze, slacker and twee bands, which though with Collider melts into an everchanging and powerful playfulness, resulting in a continuously unpredictable and very distinctive fusion of genres.
           Despite Collider's extreme musical dynamics and constant building up and almost immediate deconstruction of highly complex soundscapes, as a whole their expression appears super tight and anything but 'messy';  Collider's sound is more like
a kind of 'natural chaos', just as you could choose to see fireworks, a whirling river or a galaxy as a form of 'chaos' - driven exclusively by its own mystical natural forces as well as an absolutely urgent, inner necessity!

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Collider is put together by Troels Damgaard-Christensen, Marie Nyhus Janssen, Johan Polder and Mikkel Trøjborg Fink. Over the past years the band has visited California and played numerous concerts throughout Denmark, including gigs in Copenhagen together with Thruston Moore as well as playing SPOT festival in Aarhus.

The debut album will be released in January 2019 via Copenhagen label Escho.

Sadly, MORGAN SQUARE has decided to call it a day and cease to exist as a band.... Therefore, their concert on May 11 at TAPE, Aarhus - together with The Shivas - will be the last one for Morgan Square, and contradictorily be a set of all new songs getting their live debut on this final night for the band.

2017-05-09 :

2017-05-01 :

2014-12-08 :

Today, the seven awesome guys of FRIBYTTERDRØMME fathered no less than 500 copies of their very first vinyl release, the 7-inch "Jeg Graver Huller i Mørket / Tag Noget" (Levitation Records).
We will be celebrating at a reception this Saturday, December 13 at Republikken in Copenhagen, where you can also enjoy a solo set by our very own Chief Poet and lead singer of Fribytterdrømme, Lau!
Also, keep an eye out for the forthcoming 12" album - which is to be released in the spring 2015!

SPÖKRAKET RELEASE: The new and third full-length Spökraket album 'In A Witch Forest' is now up on Bandcamp - and, it will be released on vinyl as well in a few months!
The first reviews are really positive, here's a quote from Primal Radio Music Blog:

"Spökraket’s collective sound on this album can be described as hazy, moody, emotive & thought provoking, with intense pulses of screaming shoegaze, infused with swirling North African & Indian folk music influences that lightly break the sonic layers of their epic wall’s of sound to bring their listeners on an immense psychedelic journey. This highly anticipated third album entitled ‘In A Witch Forest’ has taken 14 months to complete, was recorded on tape and mixed at Cable Hell Studio.."

PRE-ORDER the vinyl, get a digital copy and/or listen here:         

And, read the full album review from Primal Radio Music Blog here: 

2015-02-22 :

Finally the secret is out!!
One of our absolute favorite bands, Japanese free-form-psychedelia band KIKAGAKU MOYO / 幾何学模様, are off on a European tour this late spring / early summer!

The band has previously toured extensively to high acclaim, playing in Japan, Australia, the U.S. and the U.K. with notable appearances at Austin Psych FestSydney Psych FestDesert Daze and Tokyo Psych Fest
 - and we couldn't possibly be prouder and happier to be part of the 2015 European Tour, co-hosting the Scandinavian gigs at Musik Loppen CPH, Studenterhus Århus (double concert w. Fribytterdrømme), SubScene Oslo, Debaser Stockholm (w. Jacco Gardner), Koloni GBb /Kultur-huset Oceanen and Far i Hatten! See you out there! 

2015-03-06 :

Happily and proudly announcing: FRIBYTTERDRØMME has just started a new collaboration with Copenhagen label TABU RECORDS whom will be taking care of the digital part of the band's debut album release - 'Labyrintens Farver' ("colours of the labyrinth")

On the new album Fribytterdrømme stay true to their connection to past decades, however at the same time they manage to add their very own psych-euphoric twist plus a good bit of Madchester trance-dance-madness - reviving and redefining their genre, sending off their audience far into an entirely new era!

We are celebrating the new album + the collaboration with Tabu Records at a great RELEASE PARTY + concert at Stengade, Cph, on May 9th 2015! If you're anywhere near Copenhagen, we strongly recommend you'd be there! 

2015-04-08 :

World premiere!
STREAM the new FRIBYTTERDRØMME album 'Labyrintens Farver' ("colours of the labyrinth") on VICE!
Not highlighting any particular track here - as 88 mph is madly in love with all six of them!

Quoting VICE:
"Their first album spans from the sedated bliss of 'De Konstruerede' to the unfuckwithable no-nonsense of 'Himmellegemer' - and it's a spectacular ride all the way through." 

2015-05-02 :

Here's the VICE / Noisey  FRIBYTTERDRØMME VIDEO PREMIERE of the new 20-minutes-long single 'Fribytterdrømmen' plus an interview with lead singer Lau Pedersen! The single will be released on 12" vinyl via Tabu Records later this fall - the test pressing has just arrived!

Fribytterdrømme are touring in Denmark throughout September and October 2015  - check out their Facebook for exact dates and cities.

Also, in November, the band will be off to Norway to play at this year's Sørveiv festival in Kristiansand!










2015-09-10 :


"Recently, some unfortunate events has happened. Long story short, we have decided to break up the band.

Jacob (member for about a year) decided to leave the band in mid January and Bjørn decided to do the same shortly after. The remaining members Tobias (member for a little over a year) and founding member Jonathan decided upon Bjørn’s departure that it wouldn’t be the same band anymore, and it would make more sense to call it a day for the band. Especially since Bjørn was a big part of the creative process in the band right from the beginning. We recently tried out Nikolai as a replacement for Sinas (who left in November last year). Sadly he didn’t get a decent chance to truly be a part of the band, but it was interesting and fun the little time we had with him.

We will play the gig at Copenhagen Psych Fest in July and also a goodbye gig in Århus around the same time. We’re all still good friends and we will all continue making music and record either in Cable Hell, or maybe other places for some of us. We wish to thank those who visited our shows, bought the records, the bands we played with, the promoters, our booker Anne Marie / 88mph and everyone else who contributed to five exciting years."










2016-02-01 :

The FRIBYTTERDRØMME SPRING TOUR 2016 is just about to kick off - we're very excited and looking forward to be playing six exclusive spring concerts at some of the absolute best venues throughout Denmark!
See you in the band's orginal hometown Svendborg - or in Aarhus, Randers, Vordingborg, Copenhagen and Odense!

Check out the online EVENTS in the links to the right --->

Also; Stay tuned for the up
coming summer festivals!

2016-03-15 :

We are really happy to now be able toannounce that MORGAN SQUARE will be playing at SPOT festival 2016 on April 29 in Aarhus 
and that
FRIBYTTERDRØMME will be playing at GUTTER ISLAND Garage Rock Festival at Masnedø Fort / Vordingborg in August!

2016-03-29 :

Super excited to be welcoming psych-wilderness-space band ADAMA
to the 88mph roster!
 utilize their instruments in an epic, mind bending journey, allowing the listener to recall a feeling both new and old, fusing classical standards with a bombastic new soundscape pointing towards a new era. 

Finding itself somehow beyond time and space, the ADAMA sound has a high level of natural-born-psych feeling to it - at the same time capturing both the burning essence of gloomy psychedelic darkness, and the intense kaleidoscopic colours of the northern lights! 

With the release of their awesome debut album 'Ruhin' on May 29, 2016 (Fonomonik Records) and wide horizons to travel - the band has all good things to come!


2016-04-13 :

Being a few days late here, but nevertheless immensely pleased to announce the new collaboration between 88mph and Aarhus-based MORGAN SQUARE!  Future concerts coming up and good times ahead!

Morgan Square (DK) is psychedelic rock with certain twist to it and a somehow slightly distorted perspective, pleasantly surpassing the
boundaries and narrow constraints of any specific genre. The band has been an essential and vital part of the local music community in their home town Aarhus for quite some time, and their distinct and diversified sound has placed them solidly on the Danish psych scene, getting increasingly and widely recognised for their high quality deep dark psych ballads and compelling vocal harmonies - constantly balancing the thin line between charmingly recognizable late-60s vibes and the restless gloomy edge of darkness..


“..Morgan Square are carving out their niche with a more tribal take on the genre. You can hear it in their latest offerings; 'Achbaham' is feral and primitive, like Venus In Furs,'Yelling' flirts with disjointed time signatures and oddball pop sensibilities..”

- NME, buzz band of the week
[reviewing 'When Kristofar is Lost in the Woods', released Aug. 2014, Raum Eins Records]

2014-11-27 :

Northern Swedish psych magicians ADAMA are heading out on a short Danish tour this May, returning to Denmark after also playing there at Copenhagen Psych Fest last summer, plus Cph, Aalborg and Aarhus last fall! This time around, the band will be playing four Danish concerts; At KB18 in Copenhagen May 2, Posten in Odense May 3, Muzirkus in Nyborg May 5 and 1000fryd in Aalborg May 6! -Copenhagen and Aalborg together with Scottish The Cosmic Dead. 
We very much hope to have ADAMA back on-the-road sometime late autumn 2017 - till then, those Danish gigs are not-to-be-missed!

Really excited to now be able to share the great news that
FRIBYTTERDRØMME have just been announced at ALIVE FESTIVAL in Thy this summer!
Fribytterdrømme will be playing on Saturday August 16th - in a festival lineup also counting bands as fx When Saints Go Machine, Allan Olsen, Sekuoia, Lust for Youth - and, not least, our friends Get Your Gun and The Entrepreneurs! 
Tickets + more info in the link --->


2014-06-26 :

SO thrilled to finally be able to officially announce that SPöKRAKET will indeed be playing at YELLOWSTOCK Winter Fest in Geel, Belgium this November! -alongside our friends The Wands (DK) and The Cult of Dom Keller (UK),  The Golden Grass (NY) and... more bands TBA! 
Yellowstock is most certainly one of our absolute favorite festivals - now we s
eriously can't wait for winter to arrive!
What more can we say... Welcome aboard the Spökraket - get lost in time and Spaaaace!


2014-07-24 :

We are very  happy to finally be able to confirm that SPöKRAKET will be playing in their home town at AARHUS PSYCH FEST at Radar, October 3rd - in a lineup also counting The KVB (UK), De Underjordiske (DK) , Moon Mountain (DK), Elevatorfører - dit folkeorkester på syre (DK), SPINDRIFT (US), Electric Eye (NO) and more!!

Get tickets --------> 


2014-08-31 :

Sorry to have to inform you: Due to logistic circumstances beyond their control, sadly Spökraket has found it necessary to cancel their trip this  November, and won't be playing at neither  VeB in Lübeck / Germany nor at Yellowstock Festival in Geel / Belgium after all. -Well, at least not this time around.

2014-10-08 :

2014-06-14 :

We couldn't be happier that FRIBYTTERDRØMME are about to join the mose-family.... playing at our beloved KILDEMOSE FESTIVAL this year! -The band has been announced, not only on the poster, but now also on the official Kildemose Festival website! 
The festival takes place in the most loving, psychedelic hippie-ish atmosphere, in  the mellow meadows of Refsvindinge brewery, near Nyborg, Funen  - between June 31st and August 3rd.  Fribytterdrømme will supposedly be playing sometime Friday night, but the exact date and time is yet to be determined..


As many will already know, Swedish band RA are playing at ROSKILDE FESTIVAL, the Roskilde Rising stage on July 1st. We're pretty stoked about it = )
And, as Roskilde Festival puts it; "The gray
Scandinavian skies get a splash of psychedelic rock acid when RA gets to work. 
The five young guys from Malmö play über-cool garage rock sounding like The Brian Jonestown Massacre stranded in a goth club full of dead-white faces and pitch-black candles. RA has an EP out, Bloodline, and with only four tracks the Swedes have proven that Copenhagen won't have the title as Scandinavian punk capital without a fight."


2014-05-14 :

pic : 88mph /
Below Dreaming (DK)